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electro galvanized wire application

electro galvanized wire application
Mainly used in construction as binding wire, express way fencing as fencing wire, binding of flowersas wire ties in the garden and yard, wire mesh making as weaving wires. 
electro galvanized iron wire also widely used in chemical equipment, oil processing, marine exploration, metalstructure, electricity, ship building, wire mesh, arts and crafts, metal hose, and other industries.
What's more,it widely adopted in agriculture such as pesticides, sprinkler irrigation, greenhouse and in construction such as water and gas transmission, wire casing, scaffolding, bridge, highway guardrail, etc. 
More Information Galvanized Wire/Iron Wire
Electro Galvanized Iron Wire/Galvanized Wire Technical Information: Processing with low carbon steel wire, through drawing and electro galvanizing.
Standard wire gauge for electro galvanized iron wire: 8# to 38# (wire diameter ranging from 3.8mm to 0.15mm) Electro Galvanized Iron Wire  uses:  Electro Galvanized Iron Wire is used in weaving of wire mesh, fencing for expressway and construction.
Hot-Dip Electro Galvanized Iron Wire Technical Information: Material: super carbon steel Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc coating.

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electro galvanized wire

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