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introduction of wire for barbecue

Wires for barbecue nets: redrawn wire, stainless steel wire.
The hardness requirement of wire for barbecue nets: about 600N.
Introduction of wire for barbecue nets: Barbecue nets include barbecue nets, barbecue racks and a series of barbecue appliances. First of all, as a barbecue appliance, a certain degree of rigidity is required, otherwise it will not be able to play a supporting role. Secondly, it is used as barbecue wire. The material of the iron wire must be good, and no different colors can appear. In addition, the utilization rate of the grill net is relatively low, it cannot withstand repeated use, and the seasonality is particularly strong. Cost is also a big issue that should be considered. The price of redrawn wire is much more favorable than that of stainless steel wire, and the production cycle of redrawn wire is short and the supply is fast.
Features of redrawn wire: bright surface, higher hardness than ordinary electro-galvanized wire, difficult to cause problems such as breakage, zinc layer peeling, etc .; redrawn wire is easy to weld, small and firm solder joints.
Galvanized redrawing wire diameter: about 40cm or about 20cm
Galvanized redrawing wire specifications: wire diameter range 0.5mm-3.0mm.

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