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welded gabion box install and packaging

Welded gabion box is manufactured from cold steel wire with high tensile strength. It is electrically welded together then hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated, ensuring a longer life.
There are galvanized welded gabions and PVC welded gabions. Welded Gabion box is designed on the principle of mass earth retaining wall. The strength of the wire mesh helps to stand the forces generated by the retained soil.
How to install welded gabion box?
1.Ends, diaphragms, front and back panels are placed upright on the bottom section of wire mesh.
2.Secure panels by screwing spiral binders through the mesh openings in adjacent panels.
3.Stiffeners shall be placed across the corners, at 300mm from the corner. Providing a diagonal bracing, and crimped over the line and cross wires on the front and side faces. None are needed in interior cells.
Packaging Details
1.Accessories packed in bulk and plastic bags outside
2.Panels packed in pallet with waterproof plastic film or in wooden box
Or as customized requirements
for Easy assembly gabion 200x100x50

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