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Garden Staple/Turf Nail


1. Used to fix turf to ground

2. U sharp, better for fixing

3. Galvanized material, no rusting


Garden Staples is also called turf nail. Garden Staples are usually made of high quality low carbon steel wire. Normally, both ends are sharpened. Turf nails are often used to fix turf, etc.

Sod staples

1. Sod Staples is also called U Staples, Ground Cloth Staples, Landscape Fabrics Staples, Weedmat Pins, Irrigation Staples, Irrigation Drip Tubing Staples, Soaker Hoses Staples,etc.

2. Surface treatment: redrawing wire, electro galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized wire

3. Wire Gauge: 6-12 gauge for plain and pvc coated steel wire,11 and 8 gauge for galvanized steel wire.

4. Length: 4"-14", width: 1”-4”

5. Tensile strength: 600-750N/mm2

6. Zinc coated: 10-15g/m2, 40-60g/m2

7. Some specifications:

11GA -6"*6"*1", 11GA -4"*4"*1", 12GA 8"*8"*1", 8GA-12"*12"*1", 10GA-6"*6"*1", 9GA-6"*6"*1"

8. Package is in 200pc, 500pcs, 1000pcs per box. And with pallet.

As customer requirements.


1. Used to fix turf to ground

2. U sharp, better for fixing

3. Galvanized material, no rusting


Turf nails are widely used in agriculture, horticulture and other fields. It is often used to fix turf, mulch, water pipes, etc. Very convenient to use.

we provide garden staple for sale, you can know it.

Common Specification
Product name Garden Staples, Turf Nail
shape U pin nail
application artificial grass accessory
function fix turf to ground
Head dia 1/4''-2''
shank dia 2.5-5.0mm
length 6''-12''
packing 500PCS/CTN OR 1000PCS/CTN,60CTNS/PALLET,20PLTS/20 ' or as your demand
Delivery Time: 20-25days
payment terms: T/T,L/C

Surface Treatment

(1) Black Wire

Black silk is a relatively low-cost surface treatment method. Although they have the same tensile strength and hardness, due to the lack of other surface treatment, the corrosion resistance is relatively weak and the appearance is not beautiful enough.

(2) Galvanized Wire

Galvanized surface is the most common surface treatment method, which has both aesthetic and corrosion resistance characteristics. From the raw materials, it can be divided into hot dip galvanized surface treatment and electro-galvanized surface treatment. In humid environments, galvanized turf nails can have a longer life.

(3) Spray paint

Spray painting is a less common surface treatment method. Although it has good corrosion resistance, its cost is high and it is contaminating during processing. In contrast, galvanizing is now more popular in the market.


Commonly used packaging is carton. You can put a layer of plastic film in the box first. You can choose the number and weight. We accept patterns and trademarks on custom packaging boxes.

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